Sonic Producer Free Trial – Is There Such A Thing?

Posted on March 31st, 2010

The first time I came across the Sonic Producer software, I was quite impressed with it. Its 16 fully functional tracks will enable anyone to mix music and beats right on their computer. There is no limit to its capability. Everything is hinged on the user’s creativity.

I have been reading a lot of forum posts on the internet. It seems many people are asking for the Sonic Producer free trial.

The truth is, the publisher of Sonic Producer do not have such option. You may get to see how the application works, but to take it for an actual test run, there is no such thing.

But most people do not know, there is a way to overcome this issue. Meaning, there is a way you can get to try out Sonic Producer for free.

However, there is a caveat. This option is meant for the serious people only. Freebie seekers need not to read any further. This option is not for you.

If you are really serious about using Sonic Producer to create your own beats on your computer, here’s how you can get a trial copy without cost. The catch is…it is only free if you don’t like it. If the software is useful, it is only fair you pay the programmers for their effort.

Sonic Producer Free Trial

Most people do not know that Sonic Producer is sold through Clickbank. Clickbank is the largest portal on the internet that sells digital products and software.

Clickbank has a 60 days money back guarantee on all of its products. Meaning, you’ll get to use Sonic Producer with full members’ access and get a full refund if you don’t like it within 60 days.

The only catch is…you have to buy it first. Remember what I said about freebie seekers, I know you will complain and bitch about this issue. If you have a better way to get a free copy of Sonic Producer, I am all ears.

If you are serious, here’s how you can get the software. Click on the link to buy the Sonic Producer application.

Click here to buy Sonic Producer

After you’ve tried it and if you don’t see any value, click on the link below to get a full refund. Just make sure you get it done within 60 days from the purchase date.

Click here to get full refund from Clickbank

Here’s a reminder, make sure you keep the Clickbank Order Number. You’ll need it for verification.

==> Click here to buy Sonic Producer now!


  1. Jeremy Fouquet

    I want to buy this program but, will I have to buy other programs to use my keyboard on it? I seen that it mentioned pro tools and logic and I just want one program that will make the beats and allow me to plug my keyboard into it? Please let me know so that I can make my decision…

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